The Railway Men: Babil’s confidence in Netflix’s new series, said, I will make my identity not by my father’s name but by my work

The Railway Men

The Railway Men: Babil Khan, son of late actor Irrfan Khan, proved with his very first film ‘Kala’ that if he gets the right opportunities, he can make his own place in the industry. After the film ‘Kala’, his character in the Netflix film ‘Friday Night Plan’ was also liked a lot. After these two films, Babil Khan’s first web series ‘The Railway Men’ is going to be streamed on Netflix. Babil Khan will be seen in a powerful role in this series of Yash Raj Films. On being compared with his father, Babil Khan says that he will not try to be like him at all, but will create his own identity.

Actor Babil Khan is entering the Yash Raj camp through the web series ‘The Railway Men’. Babil Khan says, ‘I feel honored to be a part of YRF’s first OTT series.’ ‘The Railway Men’ is based on the deadly methyl isocyanate gas leak from a factory owned by the American multinational Union Carbide Corporation in Bhopal late on the night of 2 December 1984. Thousands of people died in this incident and lakhs of people are still affected by it.

The story of the web series ‘The Railway Men’ is the story of the courage of those railway workers who, with their wisdom, saved the people trapped at Bhopal railway station during the gas tragedy, risking their lives. In this series, R Madhavan has played the role of GM of Central Railway, KK Menon has played the role of Station Master of Bhopal and Babil Khan has played the role of a loco pilot who meets with an accident on the very first day of his job. Babil Khan says, ‘This web series is a tribute to the unsung heroes of the Bhopal gas tragedy of 1984.’

Before the web series ‘The Railway Men’, Babil Khan’s films ‘Kala’ and ‘Friday Night Plan’ were released on Netflix only. Even though his role in the film ‘Kala’ was small, his character was liked a lot. In ‘Friday Night Plan’ he appeared to be one step ahead in terms of acting but the similarity seen in his acting in both of them was that watching his acting reminds one of his father Irrfan Khan. These days Babil Khan is trying his best to get out of this expectation.

Critics have been saying that the shadow of his father’s acting may attract the audience towards Babil but it will not help him in the long run. There are many star kids in Bollywood, who could not come out of the acting shadow of their father and could not establish themselves after being good actors. With father Irrfan Khan’s name associated with it, Babil has received a lot of sympathy from the audience and will definitely continue to do so. However, Babil Khan has always been seen vocally saying that he will carve his own niche in his acting journey. When compared to his father, he has always said that he will not try to be like him at all, but will create his own identity.

The Railway Men | Official Trailer | Netflix India

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