Car Care Tips: If you are thinking of off-roading with your SUV, then keep what things in mind, know everything

Car Care Tips

Car Care Tips: If you have a SUV segment vehicle. And with this you are thinking of doing off-roading. So what things are important to keep in mind? Let us know.

SUV segment vehicles are much liked due to the freedom to go anywhere including off-roading. In this news, we are telling you that if you are also planning to go off-roading with your SUV, then what things are very important to keep in mind.

Keep this thing in mind
Whenever you decide to go off-roading with your SUV, it is always important to keep a few things in mind. The first of these is that if you want to do off-roading, then for this the companies provide the option of four wheel drive in the SUV. But this feature is not available in most SUVs. In such a situation, those SUVs are called two wheel drive only. Off-roading with these can also put you in trouble. But even if you do this, take care of yourself along with the car.

How to drive SUV on mountain
To enjoy off-roading, some people try to drive their car off the road in the mountains. Doing this is dangerous for you as well as the vehicle. But if there is no option then you should drive the car on such roads with more caution. This is because if the ground clearance of the vehicle is less on hilly terrain, then the risk of damage to important parts of the SUV like chamber, engine etc. increases.

How to drive a car in mud
During the rainy season, mud often accumulates on the roads. In which trying to drive a car can cause a lot of trouble. Vehicles from other segments including sedans and hatchbacks should stay away from such roads. But if you have an SUV then you should also keep some things in mind.

If for some reason your car gets stuck in mud, then to get out of it, you should try to drive the car in such a way that there is less slipping between the wheels. Also, one should avoid applying brakes in mud as it increases the risk of getting stuck on the road. Instead, it is better to keep the speed of the car low.

be careful in the sand
Whenever you go on an off-road trip, sometimes you find sand on the roads. Walking on these sandy paths is not free from danger. If your car has four wheel drive option then these can be easily crossed. But if you travel in a two-wheel drive SUV, then you have to keep the engine RPM high while driving the car. If this is not done, the vehicle may get stuck in the sand. It is best to move the car slowly while increasing the RPM to reduce wheel slippage.

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