Bike Care Tips: Which feature of two wheelers makes traveling safe, know how accidents are reduced

Bike Care Tips

Bike Care Tips: To make two wheelers more safe, some features are offered by the companies. Which of these features helps in reducing accidents? Let us know.

A large number of two wheelers are sold in the country every year. Among these, maximum sales are in the motorcycle segment. Manufacturers provide special features for safety in bikes. We are giving you complete information about that feature in this news.

which feature
Safety features usually found in cars are now being offered by many companies in their two-wheelers. Due to which now it is becoming quite safe to drive even two wheelers. Like cars, features like ABS are now offered in bikes too. Due to which the risk of accidents has also reduced considerably.

how does it work
ABS means Anti Lock Braking System. In the bike, it is made available with the option of single and dual channel. Many times a situation arises during a journey when you lose control over the bike after applying brakes. Due to which the bike slips and an accident occurs. Due to this feature, the bike remains in control while braking and the risk of accident is reduced.

what is the specialty
The biggest feature of ABS is that any bike has this feature. And if brakes are applied suddenly on the bike, it does not allow the bike to slip. With this, the driver has complete control over the bike. When brakes are applied, the wheels do not lock and it changes direction without slipping and stops.

How is ABS made?
ABS is made by combining many types of parts which, after being made, work like a system. ABS consists of parts like speed sensor, valve, hydraulic control unit and electric control unit.

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