Operation Silkyara: The patience of the workers trapped in the tunnel for six days is now showing…

Operation Silkyara

Operation Silkyara: The patience of the workers trapped in the Silkyara tunnel for the last five days is now giving way. He is asking when will you throw us out. MD Rizwan, who is doing welding work in the tunnel, gave this information. He has assured everyone that he is working on laying pipes for rescue. When the pipes are laid, everyone will be taken out.

MD Rizwan is one of those people who are playing an important role in the rescue operation being conducted to rescue the workers trapped in the Silkyara Tunnel. Rizwan told that he had gone inside the tunnel at 8 am last Wednesday to work. He came out on Thursday morning after working 24 hours.

He told that all the workers who are trapped inside the tunnel are asking when will you take them out. Said that he is working with all his might to get his comrades out. He told that the auger machine has started working. Pipes are being inserted inside by drilling with this machine. It is hoped that all the workers trapped inside will come out soon.

As soon as the central government took over the rescue work being done to save the laborers trapped in the Silkyara tunnel, ITBP and NDRF have taken over the responsibility of security arrangements. Earlier, Uttarakhand Police and SDRF personnel were deployed at the barricading done at the mouth of the tunnel. These have now been installed on barricades about 150 meters away from the tunnel.

At the same time, ITBP has taken charge of the main barricading adjacent to the tunnel. Who are not allowing anyone to enter the tunnel without a pass. A temporary media gallery 150 meters away has also been prepared for media personnel.

11 pipes of 125 mm diameter are being laid to supply food to 40 laborers trapped in the Silkyara tunnel. So that more quantity of food items can be delivered to them. Earlier, food items were being sent through 80 mm diameter pipes.

The work of laying pipes of larger diameter to send food items was started early on Wednesday. 11 pipes of 125 mm diameter are to be inserted here. Let us tell you that puffed rice, roasted and soaked gram, popcorn, almonds, cashew nuts etc. are being given to the laborers trapped here to eat at an interval of every two hours.

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