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You Can Hate TikTok All You Want But It’s Here To Stay & Is Building A Positive Online Culture


Paras Tomar is a mass media student, who also worked as a journalist before finding his interest in modeling and acting. Yes, you may have come across Paras or his work in the past, but he’s popularly known as ‘@parastomar’ on TikTok, where he has over 1.7 million followers. Paras isn’t the only one who’s dominating TikTok. There are a ton of other creators who are sharing their stories and creative ideas with the world through the platform.

But do people even know who these creators are? Are people even following the kind of awesome and inspiring content these creators are putting out? Well, the answer to those questions entirely depends on whether or not you actively use TikTok. More specifically, it depends on whether or not you can look through the hundreds of thousands of videos that are uploaded to the platform almost every single day and find the right content. 

According to Paras himself, “there’s so much content for people to learn from, and I believe this has made the app much more useful and interesting”.

TikTok: Home To Some Of The Most Notorious Content On The Internet

TikTok has a reputation for being home to some of the most notorious content on the internet. So naturally, it’s easy to find fault and weave negative stories around TikTok. We’re pretty sure you may have seen YouTube videos ‘roasting’ the cringy content put out on TikTok, or would have come across Facebook groups like Boys who Cry passionately on TikTok.

It’s like we’ve been tuned to just look into the negative side of TikTok. Like, who even has the time to check out “quality” content on TikTok, when it’s so much fun watching these so-called ‘roast’ videos and sharing a laugh, right? We all have been there and done that. We’re pretty sure a lot of you reading this story are guilty of that too.

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