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Want successes in any Bussiness ? Use Google AdWords , See details Why you need this ?


7. Benefits of Google Ads

There are many benefits of creating and executing ad campaigns on Google AdWords. Some of them are discussed below:-

7.1 Freedom to measure everything

It offers some unique features to calculate and track your ROI. Some crucial features include conversion rate, number of clicks, page response time, page navigation status, etc. It’s very important to analyze and allocate your campaigning budget because that’s how you forecast your upcoming campaigns.

7.2 Know your audience

In AdWords, you can select your targeted audience at the right time. For example, if you are selling hand gloves, then Google AdWords will help you to know which location people tend to buy more hand gloves and around which time.

This helps to focus on the right audience without wasting time and money.

7.3 Remarking

If your website is e-commerce website selling all types of jackets and user browses that specific section which has leather jackets but leaves your website without buying anything, then you can MARK that section of jackets and you can target him by offering a new variety of leather jackets.

7.4 Reaching potential customers

It has some advanced features such as custom affinity audience and in the market audience that allows you to target a specific group of an audience that is interested in seeing your kind of ad.

Example– If a searcher searched for fictional novels to buy but leaves without buying then there is a high probability that next time your user will see an ad related to fictional novels.

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