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Want successes in any Bussiness ? Use Google AdWords , See details Why you need this ?


6. How to Create a Google AdWords Campaign

Let’s understand the Google AdWords Campaign with the help of an example –

If your ad campaign has a budget of 50/- day then ideally you should give a bid of around 2/-. This means that if anyone clicks on your ad then 2/- will be deducted from your campaigning budget which also means that only the first 25 users can click on your ad per day because after that your budget will get exhausted.

Google AdWords Ad Campaign

To create a Google ad campaign you should have a Google account. It can be over any Google platform like Gmail, Gmail +, search console, ad campaign, etc.

Once you are registered with Google, you need to log in to Google AdWords campaign builder to create an ad campaign. Google will ask some questions related to your advertisements like ad description, tags, links, countries where your ad will appear, languages, etc. You can also customize your advertisement by selecting the age group of your targeted audience and can also select the radius of the area around which you want to show your ad.

Then comes the payment part, Google asks you to choose a budget for your ad campaign and then Google algorithms select the bid for your ad. The bid depends on your search keyword selection criteria. 

The user should not regret after visiting your advertisement. Precisely if your presentation, product, and services are not good enough then your bounce rate will increase SEO score comes down.

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