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4. How Does the Google AdWords Bidding Work?

Bidding is an important aspect of PPC. Out of all allocated campaigning budget, Google asks you about your willingness to pay for a single click which means bid is that amount that advertiser is comfortable with when any user clicks his ad.

Quality score is very important in the advertisement. Even if your bid is less than your competitor’s bid but your quality score is high, then Google’s spider will prefer your advertisement and will put it above your competitor’s advertisement. It differs greatly from attracting organic traffic. Google ad-words is used to attract a specific group of an audience that is interested to buy or sell something whereas organic traffic is more inclined towards getting some information.

Quality score is basically the ranking given by Google for any content regarding the ad to decide PPC of the ad. It’s a measure to calculate bidding on an ad during the auction.

Click through rate (CTR) is a major factor to judge quality score of any ad. Google detects several times a user clicks on an ad and that means the ad is relevant with the searched keywords. And as per your quality score, Google decides your ad ranking and bidding cost.

What exactly a good quality score looks like?

It’s clear that having a good quality score can enhance your ad in many ways. PPC and quality score are co-related. It’s not only about having a lower cost per click but also about gaining results from your ad. The user should follow the action that you want them to go through your paid ad. And to achieve that goal good quality score is very important.

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