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Want successes in any Bussiness ? Use Google AdWords , See details Why you need this ?


3. What are Google Ads?

Google shows your advertisements in a specific format in the search result on google.com. The advertisement contains text that shows the name of your website, a URL that will direct the user to your website and a descriptive text that gives a brief about your website. You can decide where you want to make an appearance of your advertisement on Google that is on the topmost page in Google or 2nd -3rd page on Google’s SERP. The more you pay, the more Google will show your advertisement on the first page on SERP.

Types of Ads in Google AdWords

Below are the types of ads in Google AdWords –

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Call only Ads
  • Mobile Application Ads

3.1 Search Ads

These ads appear when a user searches something with specific keywords. Factors like conversion rate, higher bidding, landing page experience play a significant role in these ads. Google decides which ad should come first based on its content, relevance, bidding, buying patterns of the user.

Example – If any user searches for “tour packages for Shimla“, then ads from different tours and travel companies will appear.

3.2 Display Ads

While browsing any website user finds these ads on different places which may be static or dynamic. These ads may not be relevant for the user but Google displays them based on a user’s interest, searches, etc. If the advertiser wants to show their ads on the travel-related website then they just have to tag those websites with their ads.

3.3 Shopping Ads

These are the ads mostly used by online retailers to display their products and to attract web traffic towards their website. These ads appear when a user searches some product-related keywords. For example” best sports shoes”

3.4 Video Ads

These are the ads that are displayed on YouTube and other Google video browsing websites. As YouTube is one of the busiest websites, so it really makes sense to put video ads over there. It also has an advantage that one can easily count return on investment (ROI) and user engagement on YouTube which is obviously not possible on TV commercials.

3.5 Call Only Ads

These are the ads that won’t direct you to the website, instead, it will ask you to make a call to the company’s customer service call center.

3.6 Mobile Application Ads

These ads are attached with mobile application or games to encourage users to download the applications.

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