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Want successes in any Bussiness ? Use Google AdWords , See details Why you need this ?


2. How Does Google AdWords Work?

Google AdWords is a platform for advertising websites (products or services) by paying Google in terms of monetary value depending on the currency of your country. What happens is – when someone searches for any information with any specific keywords and you have already paid Google to promote your website with some bunch of keywords then Google will show your website on the search engine result page (SERP) and when the user clicks on your website Google charges money paid by you in advance. So it all depends on your advertising budget and the number of user clicks on your website.

Example– Mr. Manish who has recently launched an e-commerce website on Google is not getting enough customers online. So he decided to put some advertisements to attract some traffic towards his website and therefore, he paid some money and put a bid on Google AdWords to know his CPC (cost per click). Now, his website’s advertisements will be shown on SERP with some specific keywords and when users will click on that advertisement, Google will deduct the bidding amount and it will continue till the advertising budget gets exhausted with the number of clicks on it.

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