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Treat Yourself & Your Boo With These 5 DIY Date Ideas For A Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day


If you’re into a day like Valentine’s day, February 14 can mean a lot of pressure in deciding quirky date ideas with boo. Move aside movie dates or eating at a fancy restaurant, you obviously need something above de rigueur routine. 

If you prefer staying at home instead of going out, you should definitely read on. Staying at home does not have to mean no effort for your date; it only means if you plan smartly you can surprise your boo with these offbeat ideas. These are super budget-friendly also.

1. Trying Out Face Sheet Masks Together

Face Sheet masks come in different fruit-based flavours. The best part of these masks is that it literally takes no effort in taking on and off. It’s like a mask that you would otherwise wear to a Halloween party if you wanted to dress like a mummy, except this one is wet and full of good stuff for you and your boo’s face. 

Try them out together and poke fun at each other, click quirky pictures and also get glowing faces by the end of it. 

2. Scented Moisturizer Massage Sesh

There is something about a scented moisturizer that makes the whole hydrating your skin with a cream a lot more fun. Make it a date, and you would want to add it to your routine. Play with berry-based moisturizers and use it to lightly massage your partner. Start with the back and uncover the rest of the body and watch her return the favour for you.

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