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Top 14 Best Personal Loans Of 2021



A part of the SunTrust Bank corporation, LightStream is a well-backed and well-liked company by those who have great credit scores.

Like SoFi, it offers up to $100,000 personal loans, will deliver the funds often on the same day or within 24 hours, and charges no origination fee.

Where LightStream really shines, though, is the significantly lower APRs that it offers with the right combination of credit score, credit history, and good credentials.

LightStream is one of the few lending partners that appreciates the responsibility and convenience of autopay.

That’s why it offers a lower APR to its borrowers who opt for setting up autopay loans.

An interesting aspect of LightStream’s unsecured loans is that it tailors your terms based on what you are using the money for. It doesn’t limit you as to what you can purchase with the loan, but it does adjust the rates accordingly.

LightStream is the only online lending partner to do this.


With a low fixed interest rate of
3.45% – 6.99% (includes 0.25% autopay discount), no origination fee, and an upward cap of $50,000, Earnest is a great option for borrowers with good credit.

Additionally, this is a good lending partner to turn to for paying off or consolidating debt because Earnest favors these types of borrowers over others.

Earnest is well known as one of the top student loan lending partners on the market.

The real selling point for Earnest, though, is the short credit history requirements.

Someone with a short credit history may have a hard time being approved for a loan even if the credit score is overall a high one.

Earnest looks at thousands of data points to determine risk, so credit history is significantly downplayed with this company.

People who are just starting to build their credit would do well to look into Earnest.

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