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Top 14 Best Personal Loans Of 2021



SoFi, short for social finance, is known as the go getter’s lending partner.

This company loves backing enthusiastic, driven individuals, and it gives out high limit loans (up to $100,000) with incredible terms (variable APRs range from 5.814 -14.114 percent).

SoFi is also a well-reputed brand because it goes above and beyond what traditional lending partners do for its borrowers, setting up events for users to socialize, offering financial and career education and assistance, and hosting networking meetings to advance people’s career opportunities.

SoFi has some unique features that make it stand out.

One of the most comforting features of these loans is the unemployment protection that SoFi offers.

This feature puts a loan on hold in the event that you are fired or are out of work for some other reason.

Additionally, SoFi offers both fixed rate and variable rate loans, so you can decide which is more advantageous for you.

Find out more about SoFi and what it can do for you.

All rates, member figures, estimates, terms, state availability, and savings calculations are current at the time this article was written. All of the above may update in the future. For the most up-to-date information, visit SoFi.com.

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