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Top 14 Best Personal Loans Of 2021



Upstart, as it sounds, is a tech-friendly, fresh new lending partner that favors startups and other talented individuals.

This is especially promising for young professionals who don’t have a lot of credit history to show for themselves.

Upstart weighs factors such as education and current employment, and will give money to borrowers who have no credit history whatsoever.

Something really unique about Upstart is its dedication to the enhancement of programming skills.

This company teams up with a selection of code academies and will cover the entire tuition for qualifying candidates to earn a full degree in computer coding under these auspices.


LendingClub is a peer-to-peer lending company that operates as an online credit marketplace. Here’s a bit more how it works: peer borrowers get lower and more competitive interest rates and peer investors have the opportunity to get more competitive returns.

Borrowers needing a loan can fill out one application at LendingClub, and then almost instantly receive several offers for loans without impacting their credit scores in any way, shape, or form. This also means saving time and aggravation from the signup process. And this means that borrowers can get the loan they need to consolidate their debt, finance major purchases etc.

On the investor side of things, they get to decide which loans they want to invest in, deciding how much risk they want to take overall. LendingClub offers, therefore, an opportunity for borrowers – cutting out complexities of the banks – and investors who can pick and choose diversified portfolios.

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