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This Website Tracks The Spread Of Coronavirus On A Map To Show Which Countries Are Affected So Far


The outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus in central China has infected thousands of people in Mainland China and it’s rapidly spreading overseas too. The authorities are trying really hard to contain the virus and stopping it from becoming a global epidemic.

Since the first case was identified in December in Wuhan, over 6,000 people have fallen prey to the virus. And this number is increasing by the day and it has already taken the lives of over 100 people across different countries. It’s really important that each one of us is extremely careful of our surroundings.

In case you’re not fully aware of the outbreak, there’s a website that’s tracking the spread of the virus in real-time. In order to prevent the spread of misinformation, the Center for Systems Science and Engineering in Maryland has created an online tool to tell you exactly which places are affected.

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