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This dog kills 4 cobras to save its owner … and then …


Dibakar Raita and his family reside in the city of Sebekapur, which is under the Rayagada obstacle in the Gajapati area. A dog gave up his life for a human family.

The short dog was a Doberman.

This bread was really created by a German expense collector “Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann”. In addition, the name of the bread is also in his name.

As the battle progressed, blood dispersed everywhere.

The blood of the snakes and the pet could be seen on the porch.

In addition, one day “4” the mountain snakes go to the place of Dibakar Raita.

The city of Sebekapur was not new to these intruders at home.

Fortunately, the Dobermann was directly next to the house.

When the dog saw them, he assaulted them immediately.

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