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These HiFuture TWS Buds Are A Perfect Alternative To AirPods For Android Smartphone Users


True Wireless earphones have now become the hottest accessory to get for your smartphone and we’ve got a new contender in India. We’ve been using the HiFuture FutureBuds for a while now and in short, these TWS earbuds are a perfect alternative for AirPods if you are an Android smartphone user. These earbuds cost Rs 6,499 and when compared to other devices in the market, these are more affordable, and offer a similar experience, if not better than the AirPods. Here’s our review of the HiFuture FutureBuds and what we think about these TWS pair by the new Chinese company:


The HiFuture FutureBuds has definitely taken inspiration from the AirPods with changes that expand on Apple’s design. When you first open the charging case and take out the two buds, they look very similar to the AirPods. However, after inspecting closely, you will notice it has an ear canal seal with a silicon tip. You may have seen these before on the Galaxy Buds, AirPods Pro and other popular TWS earphones.

The silicone tips can be replaced and in the box, you have three options to choose from. We recommend using the correct silicon tip size for your ear canal as it can drastically change the overall sound experience. You want to prevent as much sound leakage as possible which is why it is always recommended to try all of the tips to find the perfect seal. 

Speaking of the earbuds themselves, it isn’t as heavy, which makes it easier to use for longer periods of time. On each earbud, you will also find two microphones that can be used for making phone calls or launching your preferred digital voice assistant. 

The charging case is a little different than the usual capsule-shaped charing cases. In the case of HiFuture FutureBuds, the case is wider than most TWS charging cases you see today. It sports a USB-C port at the back and a sync button for pairing with your smartphone. At the top, you will see a subtle logo of the company whereas on the inside there are clear marking of “L” and “R” to place the earbuds in their respective moulds for charging. Finally, at the back, there is a charging light indicator that shows relevant lighting to showcase battery levels and the Bluetooth pairing mode. 

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