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Pedicure a must during rains


With excessive humidity and a high risk of infection during this season, foot care is extremely essential
We often hear girls lamenting about the futility of getting a pedicure in the monsoons. However, this is one season when getting a pedicure should top your priority list. The excessive humidity in the air, sitting in wet clothes and shoes for a long duration, and the high risk of infection are just some of the reasons that can take the joy out the rains. We speak to Dr Bindu Sthalekar, consultant dermatologist and cosmetologist and Dr Kavita Sheth, homoepath and nail technician as they tell us what we need to watch out for:

1. Puddles are a storehouse for bacteria, fungus and viruses. Avoiding walking in them.

2. Sitting in damp shoes and socks heightens your chances of getting a foot infection since it promotes bacterial and fungal growth.

3. Wearing closed, tight or compact shoes can give you shoe bites. Tight and closed shoes will cause blisters and leave no space for your feet to breath. They can give you smelly feet and also invite fungal infections

4. A fungal infection, the Athlete’s foot occurring between the fourth and the little toe, is characterised by itching, scaling and foul smelling discharge.

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