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OPPO Just Launched A Smartwatch That Looks Identical To The Apple Watch In Almost Every Way


When it comes to smartwatches, the Apple Watch is leading the race in the wearable space. However, OPPO has been wanting to launch a smartwatch of their own and today we got to see our very first glimpse of the Chinese company’s smartwatch. 

Vice President for OPPO shared an image of the first render that the company will be launching soon. What’s striking is that you may have mistaken it for the Apple Watch. 

The image was shared on Chinese social media website Weibo and we get a clear look at the upcoming smartwatch.

From afar, the smartwatch looks awfully similar to the Apple Watch Series 4 or 5 as it has the same curved edges and even has an identical watch face used in marketing materials. If you look closely at the strap, it looks similar to the silicone strap you get with the Apple Watch. 

However, there is one slight difference in OPPO’s smartwatch from the Apple Watch, instead of the digital crown on the right side of the smartwatch, it has been substituted with another button. We can only see one side of the smartwatch so it isn’t entirely sure whether OPPO’s smartwatch uses a digital crown as well on the other side of the chassis. 

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