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OnePlus Promises To Improve Video Quality On All Of Its Smartphones And Here’s Their Plan


OnePlus is one of those rare companies that pay attention to what their users are saying and it has led to the company making promises for one of its features based on what their users have been saying. The company has promised that it will improve the video taking capabilities of all OnePlus devices this year.

The company hosts something called “Open Ears” forum where users get to interact with company representatives for feedback directly. This has enabled the team to improve their smartphones over time and the company is now looking to improve the video taking capabilities of OnePlus smartphones. 

OnePlus wants to improve various fields when it comes to the video experience on their smartphones and some of the improvements were much needed. Some improvements include improving exposure and white balance levels, multiple camera lens support amongst others. If you are interested in the full list of improvements, have a look below at the entire list shared by OnePlus: 

● Exposure/colour/white balance shift and consistency across all cameras: Tuning all the cameras to have identical exposure, white balance is our first priority and main goal. 

● Autofocus consistency: We weren’t able to reproduce the issue reported by the OEF attendees in our lab, but an upgrade both on hardware and software for autofocus will come in 2020. 

● Skin tone consistency: Skin tone improvement is one of our top priorities. It will improve via future system updates. 

● Sharpness: Sharpness needs improvement across all scenarios. We are trying to find a new balance between sharpness and noise. 

● Super stabilization: Support for 4K recording; reducing noise and improving low light quality. There are hardware limitations, but 4K super stabilization will be supported in some of our future devices. 

● Dynamic range: Subject is lit but the background is too dark. We have been working on video HDR, which will solve these dynamic range problems. 

● Light flickering: We’ve heard a lot of feedback about this, and we are working on de-flickering solutions to reduce this issue. 

● Panning shots are not smooth: Improve panning shots stabilization and smoothness So far, we weren’t be able to reproduce this issue in our lab, but smoothness and video are part of our key improvement points for 2020. 

● Faster camera: Again, this is one of our main goals in 2020. Faster shutter requires updates from system, application, as well as the animation. It will constantly be improved via future updates. 

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