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Nintendo Switch Has Outsold The Xbox One Even In India As The Console Doesn’t Officially Sell Here


Nintendo released an earnings report earlier this week that gave us an idea about the console’s sales numbers. The report said that the Nintendo Switch surpassed 50 million units in sales numbers that put it ahead of the Xbox One as well. 

These numbers are worldwide figures, however, what’s interesting is that the Nintendo Switch launched four years after the initial launch of the Xbox One in 2013 and still managed to surpass Xbox One in sales even though the latter had a head start. 

If you want to get into the specifics, Nintendo says the Switch managed to sell 52.48 million units worldwide to date and it includes both the classic and Lite model. Nintendo has also managed to surpass the Super Nintendo sales figures that stand at 49.1 million units. 

Microsoft doesn’t officially reveal the sales figures of the Xbox One, however, one can get a rough idea from the company’s earnings reports, so far. But third party websites have given a rough estimate on the Xbox One sales figures and according to VGChartz, the Xbox One has sold approximately 43 million units as of August 2019. 

What’s surprising is that Nintendo doesn’t officially sell the Switch in India, however, a report by The Mako Reactor details that the Nintendo Switch has managed to sell more units in India via unofficial channels than the Xbox One. “Industry estimates peg the Nintendo Switch lifetime to date sales to be above 50,000 eclipsing the Xbox One” the report said. 

While the report was published in October of 2019, we expect the number of Nintendo Switch sales in India have grown even more since then. 

It is also worthy to point out that both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are in the last few months of this generation as both companies are looking to release new consoles later this year. 

Source:  VGChartzThe Mako Reactor

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