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Motorola’s Next Smartphone That Supports A Stylus May Finally Give Samsung Some Competition


There hasn’t been any phone apart from the Galaxy Note series that has support for stylus on smartphones. This category of smartphones that can also be used with a stylus has so far been dominated by Samsung. However, a new leak via Evan Blass on Twitter shows that we may have a new smartphone that will use a stylus like the S Pen on Galaxy Note smartphones. 

This smartphone is allegedly being developed by Motorola and the company is looking to launch it sometime in 2020. Motorola has already built some hype around its brand, thanks to the reveal of the foldable Motorola Razr that appeals not to not only nostalgic fans of the classic phone but also people who like to get new innovative smartphones.

While this new leak shows off a smartphone that supports a stylus, it remains to be seen how it will function. Samsung’s S Pen has exclusive features that lets users control various aspects of the smartphone. For example, the S Pen can be used to take pictures, play/pause videos or give presentations, thanks to the button on the stylus. Apart from the traditional uses, the stylus can also be used for editing videos or creating artwork.

In Motorola’s case, the stylus has two buttons near the top and has a soft rounded tip that can be used for scrolling and swiping. The smartphone also has a storage slot for the stylus similar to what we can find on the Galaxy Note smartphones. 

It would be interesting to see how Motorola implements the stylus feature and whether it can match up with Samsung’s offering. There is no news when the smartphone is expected to launch but there is a possibility that it may be unveiled at Mobile World Conference next month. 

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