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How social media affect your love life ?


A year after Madhu and Ashish got married, they realised that their bedtime hour, which started at around 10 pm earlier was slowly pushed to midnight. It was not because the newly-married couple had other romantic things to do before going to bed, but because both were glued to their phones after dinner. There was not a night when Ashish went to bed without checking his Twitter account and following some of the tweets shared by his colleagues, friends and journalists. Madhu, on the other hand, was busy updating the pictures of what she had cooked during the day on her Instagram. By the time they are done, they hardly have energy or time for each other.

Social media, no doubt, has become an integral part of our life. Perhaps, you might be among those people who could not help but quickly steal a glance at your phone to check updates on Facebook or Instagram while you on a date with your partner. The urge to respond to your social media updates can even make you cut short your lovemaking session with your partner. If these instances sound familiar, we are sorry to inform you that you need to stop letting social media affect your love life. Here’s what you can do to break free from the barriers of this new-age addiction.

Set a ‘no social media’ time
Remember the days when your parents used to set curfew hours for watching television? Treat this as the same. Set some curfew hours for checking social media. For example, you can strictly follow this rule of switching off your mobile phones an hour after reaching home. Or, you can keep your phones switched off but you can attend only emergency calls during those curfew hours.

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