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Here are the videos with the most views every year


When YouTube launched on February 14, 2005, no one could have predicted how the platform would reinvent video making and the entertainment industry. On the 15th anniversary of the platform, take a look at the most-streamed videos from each year since it launched.

From commercials to comedy sketches to music videos, YouTube is one of the most diverse streaming platforms on the planet, because anyone can upload content.

2005: Ronaldinho: Touch of Gold

At the end of YouTube’s first year, the most viewed video was an impressive clip of Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho Gaucho kicking a ball off the side of a net on an empty field, only to have the ball returned to him. The video, which was uploaded by Nikesoccer, has since been taken down but has been re-uploaded by other accounts. The video was dethroned 70 days later when The Lonely Island’s “Lazy Sunday” video from Saturday Night Live was uploaded on January 9, 2006.

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