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Don’t let gossip affect your love life


How not to let rumours affect your relationship

Gossips, for many, can be very entertaining when it’s about others. But when the gossip is about you or someone you care about deeply, it can be very hurtful. Often unconstrained, gossip or rumour has this innate ability to spread like wildfire, thereby leaving the reputation of the people involved in shreds. The worst thing about rumour or gossip is people are not interested in knowing if it’s true or not, most buy what they get. While any kind of gossip can be very hurtful, the pain grows a notch intense when it is about you and your love life. Whether it’s about a toxic ex or something that happened in the past love life, any hurtful rumour, whether true or not, can cause a lot of mental agonies—after all, people talking behind your back, isn’t fun, right? So here are a few ways to make yourself and your relationship with a lover immune to gossip.

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