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Couple Finds Out Their 9 Year Adopted Child Is A 22 Year


Remember that crazy horror movie Orphan? The one where a couple adopts a 9-year-old girl who turns out to be a murderous 33-year-old woman? Well, turns out the movie has come to life, kinda.

In one of the most confusing new stories of all time, it’s still unclear whether Natalia Grace is a 16-year-old girl or a 30-year-old ‘sociopath’ masquerading as a child. 

Back in 2010, Kristine and Michael Barnett adopted a Ukrainian child, who they believed to be a 9-year-old girl. But then, Kristine claimed that the ‘child’ was actually a 22-year-old sociopath who tried to kill her on several occasions.

A few years ago, Kristine and Michael were charged with child neglect because they moved to Canada without Natalia, but in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Kristine said she can prove that their ‘child’ is actually a grown-up, suffering from a severe psychiatric illness. She also claimed that her family were the real victims since they were scammed into adopting an adult.

She said, “The media is painting me to be a child abuser but there is no child here. Natalia was a woman. She had periods. She had adult teeth. She never grew a single inch, which would happen even with a child with dwarfism. The doctors all confirmed she was suffering a severe psychological illness only diagnosed in adults. She was jumping out of moving cars. She was smearing blood on mirrors. She was doing things you could never imagine a little child doing.”

Apparently, Natalia threatened to kill the family members and ‘roll them up in a blanket and put them in the backyard’ and Kristine even claimed she saw Natalia put bleach in her coffee on one occasion.

After getting some tests, they learned that Natalia was at least 14-years-old. In 2012, Natalia was placed in a long-term state-run psychiatric unit after allegedly trying to drag Kristine into an electric fence. Apparently, that’s when she confessed to being older than she seemed.

After she was discharged from the psychiatric facility, the family set her up in her own flat and continued to pay her rent. They reportedly even got her a social security number, benefits and food stamps, and even rented a new property for her when she was evicted.

Now, Natalia has been living with a new family. Her new adoptive parents are Antwon and Cynthia Mans, a recently-ordained pastor and a manager at McDonald’s. The couple even tried to become Natalia’s legal guardians in 2016 but court records show they later withdrew their petition after the court upheld an earlier ruling that she was born in 1989 and not 2003.

While the couple has not said anything about this, the pictures of the entire family with Natalia shows that she has been fully embraced by everyone and she’s a part of the family.

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