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Cheapest internet in the world Offering 1GB Data For Rs 1 And Beating Jio At Its Own Game


India is the land of affordable internet. In fact, it has the cheapest data plans in the world. However, India being a developing nation, it still isn’t accessible to everyone which means there is room for even more affordable prices. That’s exactly what Bengaluru based startup Wi-Fi Dabba is offering for users in the city. The startup wants to offer “reliable and affordable services” via network points called supernodes. These supernodes are being installed across high-rise buildings and towers to increase their coverage area for everyone. 

The company is now offering its users 1GB of data for Re 1 which is almost 360% cheaper than Jio’s most affordable plan. It is worthy to note this is a Wi-Fi only service and not a mobile data plan users can avail on their phones. The Wi-Fi points, however, are present everywhere as the company has installed it at shops and other inaccessible areas. Users can simply connect to the network and start using the internet for Rs 1. If users are not registered, they can do so by connecting to the network and registering an account. Additionally, users can also purchase tokens locally if they do not prefer digital payments. 

Wi-Fi Dabba uses a different technology instead of traditional wired connections as it transmits data via a grid of supernodes. These are essentially eye-safe lasers that basically form a mesh system and transmit data to users. Due to the supernode technology, Wi-Fi Dabba has been able to keep its costs low as no fibre wiring is involved. 

The service is currently only available in Bengaluru and if you are interested in using their service, you can sign up on their website here.

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