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Avoid these five mistakes while proposing the person you love


If falling in love is difficult, proposing the person you are in love with is even more difficult. Most people grow up watching romantic movies or reading novels where they learn about the way a man proposes the woman he loves, or vice versa. Most often the ideas we are exposed to are not applicable in real life. Imagine a busy street in some Indian city occupied by street vendors or hawkers, uncovered dustbins etc., and you are planning to propose your girl there. Of course, à la Shah Rukh Khan way, kneeling in front of the girl, reciting your favourite poem, if not a self-composed one. Your gesture is definitely romantic, but would the other person find so? We don’t know. So, let’s look at a few avoidable mistakes while proposing to the person you love.

Making it a surprise!

A surprise is not everyone’s cup of tea. While some might find it very enduring and exciting but for the rest a surprise, especially when it is related to such an important matter of the heart, may not be very welcoming. Avoid a surprise until you are very sure that the other person likes to be taken aback.

Proposing too soon

Oh! Do we even need to elaborate more on this? Proposing too soon or without any inkling about the other person’s feelings is definitely a recipe for disaster. If you don’t want your heart to be broken, take your time to know the person before you let the person know about your emotions.

Proposing too late

If proposing too early and without thinking is a vice, taking too long or dilly-dallying can also be a big mistake. If you wait for longer than necessary before expressing your emotions, the other person may take this as a sign of your lack of interest. You really don’t want that to happen, right?

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