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Apple Won’t Be Able To Use Lightning Ports As EU Wants A Common Charger For All Smartphones


The European Parliament has voted for all smartphones to have one common charger which means Apple will no longer be able to use Lightning ports on iPhones. 

The EU voted 582 to 40 for the change and want the guidelines to adopted by July 2020. 

The vote comes as an effort to reduce e-waste that is being generated in Europe. However, Apple argued last week that this sudden change would cause “an unprecedented volume of electronic waste,” as it will make all of Apple’s accessories rendered useless.

“More than 1 billion Apple devices have shipped using a Lightning connector in addition to an entire ecosystem of accessory and device manufacturers who use Lightning,” Apple said last week.

Previously, Apple has made the change in all of its devices when the company decided to switch from its 30-pin connector to the Lightning port. Micro-USB was first declared as the standard in 2010 and Apple-supplied adapters for its proprietary ports. 

However, now, the European Union wants all smartphones to use the USB-C port which is currently being used in Apple’s MacBooks and iPad Pro devices. Currently, the iPhone and accessories like AirPods are the only devices that rely on Lightning ports. 

The European Commission, which acts as the executive for the EU, has been pushing for a common charger for more than a decade. However, the latest resolution makes the legislation more likely, with the EU executive having included the common charger standard as one of the sets of actions it plans for this year.

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