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8 Apps Now That Changed The Way We Live Our Lives


Mobile apps have shaped the way we live our lives today. I’ve used that phrase far too many times in the last couple of years. People tell me I say that a lot because I am a tech geek and happen to use a lot more apps than others in my social circles. But that’s not really the case.

I say that because apps have truly changed the way we live our lives. And it’s not an exaggeration. Just think about the speed at which we can get things done today. The reach of these apps extends far beyond just basic communication.

When was the last time you called up a number to order food? The same goes for commutes and countless other aspects of our lives. Whether it’s changed our lives for better or worse is beyond the scope of this piece, but I am going to try my best and list out the apps that have truly changed the way we live today –

Facebook – An Eye-Opening Scandal

Facebook’s image has been on the decline of late, especially after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. That is, however, one of the main reasons why it’s here on this list. That incident, as unfortunate as it was, truly changed the way people started looking at privacy.

How many of you even bothered looking at the apps and services using your Facebook login details prior to the Cambridge Analytica scandal? So, as weird as it may sound, I am glad that the incident ended up being an eye-opener for people, making them take control of their data beyond just Facebook.

By the way, Facebook also has over 2.45 billion monthly active users, which is a number that seems to remain unaffected come what may. And that’s how Facebook changed the way we live our lives. Controversial? Yes. But the events that happened in the last couple of years have been nothing short of eye-opening.

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