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7 Myths About Love/Arrange Marriage

7 Myths About Love/Arrange Marriage 6

Long gone are the times when girls were growing up dreaming about marrying Prince Charming and not having to worry about anything for the rest of their lives. Men are no longer hunting for a perfect housewife and a mother to his ten kids. Okay, some are, but the general trend is all about building a happy, balanced relationship with your loved one. And yet, we are still influenced by dozens of misconceptions as to what a happy relationship should look and feel like. Books, romcoms, and TV shows are also not helping to build an adequate idea of what a marriage is all about. Now you can find more constructive ideas on social media as people are sharing their own non-fictional experience and the things that worked for them. So, here are 7 myths about marriage you should forget about if you want to be happy with your significant other.

Myth #1: Marriage will fix everything

Nope, dear ladies and gents, marriage is not the ultimate remedy for your soul’s pain, depression, and feeling of loneliness. If you had any of those before getting into a relationship and tying the knot, rest assured they’ll come up again sooner rather than later. Your happiness or unhappiness never, and I repeat never-ever depends on the outside factors, be it husband, money, or a pretty home with a white fence. Many people have all that and they are still miserable! Find the root of what made you unhappy in the first place, use a therapist if you need to, and turn into that happy person that will become even more radiant in a relationship with a loved one.

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