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7 Facts You Never Knew About Helena Bonham Carter


Many may not know the name Helena Bonham Carter, but she is most definitely recognizable by face. Helena Bonham Carter has become on of the most notable and recognizable British actresses of her time. She has starred in several independent, small-budget films, but has starred in several breakthrough roles in successful blockbuster films. She has starred in several well known films like Planet of the Apes, Alice in Wonderland, Les Miserables’, and Cinderella. Helena Bonham Carter is well known for her role in the Harry Potter series playing the role of evil witch Bellatrix Lestrange. Helena is also known for her quirky and abstract fashion style, and the odd but amazing style of her acting. As one of the UK’s top actors, how much do you know about Helena Bonham Carter herself? Here are 7 most interesting facts about popular British actor Helena Bonham Carter. 

Helena Bonham Carter’s Age

Helena Bonham Carter was born in 1966. Helena may look young, but she is actually 53 years old.Helena Bonham Carter was born in London, England, on May 26, 1966.  Her father is Raymond Bonham Carter and her mother is Elena Propper de Callejon. Bonham Carter is the youngest of her siblings, with two older brothers Thomas and Edwards. 

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