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6 Surprising Ways to Use Google Adwords (Google Ads ) You Haven’t Tried Yet


1. Quickly Gauge Customer Sentiment

Want to see if your new brand messaging will resonate? Need to know if your latest headline ideas are as good as you think they are?

To answer questions like these, business owners often rely on expensive research studies. But with Google Adwords, this kind of data may be more accessible (and cheaper) than you ever thought possible.

Paul Bromen agrees. He’s a serial entrepreneur with several mobile game apps under his belt that have amassed millions of downloads.

“My favorite way to use Google Adwords is to test out new ideas,” said Bromen. “Before I start a new business I run several campaigns designed to test product offerings. I put ads next to similar products or in the broad category. Anything with over a 4% click through rate is a great opportunity.”

That kind of speedy feedback can be critical for testing out the viability of a new business idea. That’s no joke, considering that 50% of startups fail in the first four years.

“I was once hired by a budding entrepreneur who wanted to launch a vintage-inspired clothing shop online,” said Andrea Atkins, Marketing Evangelist at Revere.AI.

“She was hesitant to launch until she knew the business idea was a profitable one. So instead of building an entire e-commerce store for her, waiting for a large inventory shipment, and integrating with payment processors, I built her a landing page with 8 product photos and PayPal ‘Buy Now’ buttons.”

The success of the Google Adwords campaign proved the product/market fit.

“It ultimately gave her the confidence she needed to move forward with a complete website build, and a successful business launch,” said Atkins.

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