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5 celebrity moments that Viral


The video led to funny memes and caught the attention of celebrities like Justin Bieber.

5. Bebe Rexha awesomely evoked designers who declined to dress her for the Grammys because she is a size 8 of the United States of America.

Bebe Rexha at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards in February 2019.

In January, the singer of “Meant to Be” posted a video online reporting on designers she said were not fascinated by her size to dress her for the Grammys.

“If you do not like my fashion style or my music, that’s one thing,” she signed the video. “But do not say you can not put on someone who is not as big as a runway, allow women to like their bodies instead of making women and girls feel smaller than them.”

Rexha’s words resonated with fans and followers and she was praised for speaking honestly.

Speaking to an insider, the singer said that she was “a bit scared to bring it out because you often do not want to come out like this person who always complains.”

“I had to release the video because I felt hurt and I can not believe the positive response I received,” she added. “It was amazing.”

Rexha went on to stun several ruffle rows at the awards ceremony in a red Monsoon dress.

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