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4 Skincare Mistakes You’re Making That Leave Your Skin Dry & Flaky In The Winter

4 Skincare Mistakes You're Making That Leave Your Skin Dry & Flaky In The Winter 4

If you’re someone who has done their homework when it comes to Winter skincare, that’s great. However, there are certain commonly-believed-to-be-true myths out there that can actually do more harm than good. So while taking care of your skin is great, one shouldn’t expose the skin to products/habits that can, in fact, reverse the good. These include:

1. Using Lotion Or Body Cream

Using body cream or worse lotion on your face will do a terrible job on your face. The old runny consistency of these products isn’t going to cut it anymore. These products aren’t meant for your face. Make sure you’re using a face cream, not a lotion. If you’ve been using a product at night, double it up and make it twice a day and use it both in the morning as well as at night.

2. You’re Moisturising At The Wrong Time

It makes a huge difference to moisturise immediately after bathing than not applying moisturiser at all or applying it long after the shower.  A good idea is to stash your face moisturiser in your shower so you can apply it directly to damp skin before you step out of the washroom.

3. Using The Wrong Cleanser

Avoid soaps that have an alkaline pH that can inflame the skin, as this further prevents hydration. Instead, use hydrating skin cleansers that are gentler on the skin barrier and leave the skin soft and moisturised later.

4. Your Moisturiser Has A Missing Ingredient

One could be using moisturisers with the wrong ingredients without knowing. Look for skin-repairing ceramides, which fill in the cracks between skin cells and help the skin heal itself. The key is to always look for products with skin-soothing ceramides and glycerin.

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