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4 Offline Messaging Apps To Send Messages Even When There Is No Access To The Internet


All of us have faced a situation where a data connection is unstable or is completely unavailable and you cannot send messages to your friends and colleagues. Whether you are at a large gathering or at a music festival when mobile data is rendered useless, you can still send messages to your friends to communicate. Some of these applications use a mesh network system or Bluetooth connectivity to send messages to people around you. We’ve compiled a list of offline messaging applications you can use to send messages to your friends and family. 

1. Bridgefy 

The Bridgefy app is an offline texting app that uses a mesh networking method via WiFi and Bluetooth to send messages to people using the same app around you. Since it uses a mesh-network system, it uses a peer to peer communication method with unlimited hops and creates a network in a group of people. You can even use the app to broadcast messages to people around you for emergency alerts. The app has a radius of 330 feet amongst two users but can be extended to 1320 feet when the app is being used by multiple people in an area. 

2. Firechat

Firechat uses the same method as Bridgefy where it employs peer-to-peer WiFi and Bluetooth to bounce signals from one device to another. Similar to Bridgefy, the more people use the app, the faster the network gets. The maximum radius on Firechat can reach 210 feet and can be increased when more users are around. 

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