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14 Tips To Get Over a Breakup Fast

14 Tips To Get Over a Breakup Fast 8

Whether you got dumped or the feeling was mutual, every girl deserves to throw a pity party after a breakup. But there are several strategies you can use to fast-track that breakup and get over your ex-partner at a speedier rate. But the one thing to remember is that a breakup doesn’t signify an end – it’s an opportunity for new beginnings and rebirth. Here are some valuable tips on how to heal your broken heart a little quicker.

1. Exercise!

Workout out boosts your endorphins and gives you a rocking bod in the process. No, but seriously. Workouts have serious mood-boosting properties, and a sense of routine is healthy for mild to moderate depression. Sweat out that anger and set fitness goals for yourself. When you accomplish them, you’ll feel stronger and more empowered than ever.

2. Take a bath

Take a bath with your favorite essential oil. Someone wise once said that showers are not for the recently jilted, and we have to agree with that. Sometimes, you just need a bath – the ideal blend between pampering yourself and wallowing in your tears.

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