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10 ways to get rid of terrible sore throat


Flu season often gets with it fever, cold and coughing. The constant itch caused by a sore throat is often agitating, especially if it hinders your productivity at work and home.

Contagious in nature, sore throat is often the first signal our body gives in reaction to the infection which has entered our body. Pharyngitis or sore throat is a condition with local and systemic symptoms. Here are some home remedies you can follow to get rid of this condition:

1. Gargles: Our grandmother’s favourite cure for any sore throat infection, gargles are the best and most effective way of curing sore throat. This is because a glass of lukewarm water with a pinch of salt will help increase the blood flow to pharyngeal region which will eventually wash off the infection. Once the infection is washed off, the edema associated with this infection will also reduce. Other than this, the mucus, which often toughens up at a time like this will loosen and get out of the body easily.

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