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10 Viral selfies that are terribly painful, # 5 can make your day


Selfies are an extremely necessary part of today’s people around the world. It was simply a jargon or a colloquial term to explain how to photograph yourself until it was recognized as an official English word by the Oxford English Thesaurus

10. Do not take selfies on the traffic lights

You will not like it, but a photo bomber will spoil your day later. You can hunt them by chasing them in your car, but your engine has a lot of work to do. We prevent the waste of resources.

9. Look at this generation of babies

Taking pictures is as easy as 1-2-3. I bet they will also build some selfies.

8. Respect for peeing

Your smart friends need to be drunk.

7. She goes bananas

Personally, I regret this girl for not looking right. Perhaps she praises her potassium-rich diet or shows her partner sensual steps.

6. This traffic. What?

Oh I understand. It should therefore be satisfied, but the edition was efficient.

5. Hey girls, there’s some shit

This girl is therefore content with her effort.

4. as soon as you see it.

I’m not sure if that’s yours yet.

3. What will you do with all the boredom in the classroom?

Take some selfies, laptop mood!

2. What are you really proud of?

People, remember to be responsible when taking selfies.

1. Depressed selfie disappointment

I hope this is not intentional, but just what I feel downstairs is that this lady has her vanity at the wrong time.

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